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 Neon Moon
                                by Brooks and Dunn

     When the sun goes down on my side of town

      that lonesome feeling comes to my door
              D                    A
     And it turns my world....... blue.
     There's a run down bar across the railroad tracks

      I got a table for two way in the back
       D                                    A 
     Where I sit alone...... and think of losin' you.
                    E                                  A
     I spend most every night beneath the lights of a neon moon.

       D                       E
     If you lose your one and only
                     D                  E
     There's always room here for the lonely
                     D                         E
     To watch your broken dreams dance in and out of the beams
     Of a neon moon.

2nd verse

     I think of two young lovers runnin' wild and free
      I close my eyes and sometimes see
    You in the shadows... of this smoke filled room.

     No tellin' how many tears I sit here and cry
      No tellin' how many lies that I've lied
     Tellin' my pour heart... she'll come back someday
      Oh! But I'll be allright as long as there's light       
     From a neon moon.   

repeat CHORUS

     Jukebox plays on drink by drink
      The words of every sad song seem to say what I think
     That this hurt inside of me...ain't never gonna end.
      Oh!But I'll be allright underneath the lights        
     Of a neon moon.

repeat CHORUS
     Just watch your broken dreams   -----repeat twice-----
     Dance in and out of the beams
     Of a neon moon.